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Exercise Tips Tighten Buttocks and Breasts

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Has a sexy body is a dream for every woman, but because of various factors, especially after childbirth and lactation. Buttocks and breasts begin to change shape and become tight as they used to be.

Using herbs or beauty products can indeed make tight. Still, if it is not matched with the right sport to be able to tighten the breasts and buttocks. It is certain the results are less than the maximum if it is not done with the sport.

Besides being able to tighten the sport is also good for the health of the digestive system. Because the movement is not rude and just rely on the muscle so that the muscle pain in the backside and breasts will be tight again. Besides having a beautiful body you'll also get a healthy body by exercising below.

The following exercise tips tighten buttocks and breasts:

Lifting weights

Perhaps you will wonder why lifting a barbell inserted into exercise tips tighten buttocks and breasts. Because this sport is usually done to make the shape of the arm muscles. But if you do it properly then breast muscles will tighten.

The trick lift weights using both hands and place it in front of your breasts, with a distance of 30 cm from your chest. Open your hands up backward, do up to 10 times each day.

Sports push ups
It can be ascertained that the push-up exercise can tighten the muscles of the chest. But it must do push-ups the right way you will get the new benefits to tighten chest muscles. Do as push ups, but let your knee that became the foundation instead of the big toe. Usually a man will use the big toe for a pedestal, because you are female so more effective use of the knee.

If that is too difficult for you, it can be replaced by push-ups on the wall. Standing with a view to the wall with a distance of 50 cm. Put your hand against the wall and push with full force, so as you do push ups simply replace the floor by the wall. Do this 10 times for the first day, then add 5 times for the next day.

Exercise yoga
Exercise tips tighten buttocks and breasts hereinafter that doing yoga exercise. Many yoga moves are good for the body shape that certainly can tighten the breasts and buttocks.

You can do together with a friend or relative with a coach who is already competent. But if you want to do it alone then you can do at home to watch the video as a guide.

Sports sit ups
This sport is not only able to tighten the abdominal muscles, but also can tighten the breasts and buttocks. Because while doing sit ups with the right technique, the hand muscles and buttocks muscles will tighten as well.

Walking or jogging
Tips sport further tighten buttocks and breasts are walking and jogging. By jogging is definitely buttocks muscles will tighten while running but when your hands are clenched in front of the breast in turn will make your breast muscles tighten.

That exercise tips tighten buttocks and breasts that you must try. Everything you want can not be obtained instantly, need to go through several processes for maximum results. It's good when doing exercise should be accompanied by someone who is already competent in the art or can view the tutorials in video form to reduce injuries while doing the exercise.


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